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Whether it is cutting off a padlock with a missing key in a backyard shed, or trimming a metal chain link installed on a fence, there are many good reasons to equip your tools with quality bolt cutters.
This powerful tool can reduce the workload of cutting metal and can be used as an essential tool in the armory. Since there are many shapes and sizes available, figuring out which bolt cutter is the right tool for the job can be confusing. Read on to learn about various sizes and types of bolt cutters, and discover why this list of the best bolt cutters can bring you cutting results.
For bolt cutters, most DIYers tend to believe that bigger is better. Although longer bolt cutters can indeed cut thicker metals, they are not suitable for all jobs. Below, we will go beyond size to review all the factors that should be considered before buying.
Despite the name, bolt cutters do much more useful work than cutting bolts. In addition to removing the padlock with a forgotten assembly or a lost key, the bolt cutter can also cut the wire mesh used to reinforce the concrete pad, the steel bar used to beautify the environment, and the wire used in the chain link fence. . Because bolt cutters are so powerful (they can generate more than 4,000 pounds of force), their design makes them powerful tools for handling a variety of different materials, including cables, wires, pipes, sheet metal, and nails.
For bolt cutters, size really matters. The longer the arm, the greater the lever produced, and therefore the greater the cutting force. The 18-inch bolt cutter can cut a metal diameter of up to 9/32 inches, and the 24-inch bolt cutter can cut a thickness of up to 5/16 inches, depending on the hardness of the material.
Large bolt cutters can be up to 48 inches long and can handle hardened steel rods, heavy chains and thick threaded cables up to 7/16 inches in diameter.
The weight of bolt cutters ranges from about 2 pounds for the smaller 8-inch cutter to about 8 pounds for the larger 48-inch cutter.
Hydraulic bolt cutters use electric motors to power the cutting blades. The hydraulically driven piston drives the cutting edge forward with a force much greater than the force that can be generated by a handle-operated bolt cutter. With this extra power, hydraulic bolt cutters can cut soft metals that are nearly an inch in diameter.
As a lot of force is applied when using bolt cutters, it is important that the bolt cutters have comfortable and durable handles to protect your hands and extend the life of the tool. Most bolt cutter handles are made of bending-resistant steel pipes and have padded handles to maximize comfort and control.
There is also a metal stop near the neck of the bolt cutter handle, which prevents them from closing too tightly, which can cause overlapping blades.
The bolts located on the neck and jaws of the bolt cutters allow you to adjust the blades. Rotating the jaw adjustment bolt will cause the corresponding blade to move toward or away from the joint. Rotating clockwise will bring the blade closer together, and rotating counterclockwise will bring the blade closer together.
Adjust the bolt on the neck to change the angle of the blade by bringing the tip closer or further away. Correctly adjusting the blades is essential for correct cutting and protecting them from damage.
The best way to extend the life of bolt cutters is to use them as the manufacturer wishes. Attempting to cut harder or thicker materials than the bolt cutters are rated to handle may damage the blade or joint.
Routine maintenance includes lubricating the joints with oil such as WD-40 to keep the joints clean and running smoothly. To lubricate, spray the joints and let the solvent soak.
Use soapy water and a brush to clean and sharpen the blade regularly. After cleaning, make sure to wipe it dry with a soft cloth to prevent metal oxidation. By clamping the vise clamp in the vise and using a file or angle grinder to file the edge of the bolt, you can sharpen the bolt debris.
Read some of the top bolt cutters for your workshop. They have durable handles, powerful cutting heads, and come from well-known manufacturers.
Even with high-quality bolt cutters, cutting through metal can be a difficult task, requiring considerable upper body strength. This bolt cutter from HK Porter is designed to make cutting easier to manage with its PowerLink design, which increases the leverage of the handle, making cutting easier by 30%. This design makes it easy to cut soft metals up to 7/16 inches and hard metals up to 5/16 inches, allowing you to cut all workpieces from metal rods to wrought iron.
It also has a large and soft handle that allows you to hold the cutter firmly while avoiding blisters in your hands. With a tubular steel handle that resists bending and a durable hardened steel blade, this bolt cutter is durable.
Bolt cutters are one of the tools that most DIYers rarely use. With this in mind, some shoppers may not want to make a large investment. This bolt cutter from WORKPRO can meet the needs of disconnection without taking a lot of money from your wallet. Its forged steel and powder-coated jaws can cut through bolts, rods, chains and soft metals. It has four different lengths, ranging from a 14-inch size of 5 mm diameter to a 30-inch cutter with 12 mm cutting capacity.
WORKPRO equips the cutting machine with a large grip made of two different materials: one provides a non-slip grip for maximum control, and the other provides a softer material for comfort.
The largest manual rebar cutters are less than 1/2 inch high and can be used to cut soft metals. Sometimes this is not enough. For cutting thicker materials, you need more power. The bolt cutter uses hydraulic power to double its cutting diameter to 7/8 inch. This has a great cutting ability. This bolt cutter has a forged steel head, multiple spare cutting blades, and a steel handle with a rubber grip to provide control and comfort. The convenient carrying case provides storage space for knives and a set of spare blades.
Despite its small size, this compact bolt cutter has great cutting capabilities. It uses sturdy alloy steel heads and composite hinges to maximize leverage and can cut bolts, wires and threaded cables up to 3/16 inches in diameter. This makes these heart-cutting blades ideal for cutting chain link fences or similar sized materials.
TEKTON’s bolt cutters are also very durable. The tubular handle resists twisting or bending under pressure, and the soft rubber grip provides comfort in your hands. These compact and powerful bolt cutters weigh only 6 ounces and are only 8 inches long. They are easy to install in a tool belt or tool box, ready for immediate cutting on the job site.
Cutting strong locks and chains requires a lot of leverage. For this, you need a bolt cutter of sufficient length. This is what Neiko’s bolt cutter brings. This bolt cutter is 42 inches long and will generate 4,000 pounds of pressure with 50 pounds of force on the handle. Sufficient cutting ability is enough to penetrate 10 mm or 3/8 inch thickness, which means it can cut most standard padlocks.
Of course, if the head can’t bear the pressure, then all this leverage will not make much sense. Neiko’s jaws are made of heat-treated, damage-resistant blades. Other features include molded non-slip handles that provide control and comfort when cutting.
Hard metal cutting requires hard metal cutting, which is what GreatNeck’s 30-inch bolt cutters can provide. This bolt cutter is made of forged S2 steel, strong enough to cut through nails, bolts and other metals without leaving scratches on its hardened steel cutting edges. The BC30 has a shorter head and is designed to cut soft metals more easily. Two sturdy tubular steel handles support a powerful head with a large rubber grip, allowing you to hold the handle well.
Although the warranty is not exhaustive, it can indicate the durability of the tool. GreatNeck stands behind the BC30 bolt cutters and provides a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials.
42-inch bolt cutters are many tools used for storage or transport to the work site. Olympia tools use an innovative handle design to increase convenience and functionality. The handle is foldable, even the 42-inch handle can be easily stowed for transportation or storage. The handle is fully extended, and its Power Grip handle can provide sufficient cutting leverage.
Olympia Tools designed bolt cutters with wider handles to evenly distribute the force to your hand, thus reducing the painful experience when applying maximum pressure. The handle also has a thick rubber grip that provides excellent control and comfort. The heat-treated forged alloy steel head means that you will need to cut many bolts and cables before these jaws fail.
Find a good place to hold the metal so that the handle can move freely. Move the material as deep as possible into the jaws of the blade. This will maximize the cutting force of the tool. When you apply pressure, it also prevents the material from slipping out of the jaws. Use slow and conscious movements to pull the handles together to prevent the material from slipping. Slowly apply more pressure until the blade cuts through the material. Do not rotate or twist the handle, otherwise the blade or connector may be damaged.
You will need metal vise, oil, file or angle grinder, and a clean cloth to sharpen the blade. Make sure that the head of the bolt cutter is clean, and then clamp it firmly in the vise. Use a grinder or file to file the blade and make sure to follow the bevel of the blade. Don’t sharpen the edges like a blade. The beveled edges of the bolt cutters will force the material to separate. It will not penetrate metal like a blade. Wipe the blade with a cloth, and then grease it with a metal lubricating solvent.
A set of 24 inch bolt cutters can cut metal up to 7/16 inch in diameter, which will cut the bolts on most standard padlocks. For high-quality padlocks that use harder metals, use 36-inch bolt cutters.
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