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Five years ago, Eddie Murphy, President of SpaceGuard Products, hinted at some upcoming changes and growth.
Last year, the factory at 711 S. Commerce Drive on the far east side of Seymour completed an expansion of 29,000 square feet, dedicated to warehousing and finishing, including a new automated powder coating line.
In May, the company received a 10-year tax reduction from the municipal government and invested $425,000 to purchase new manufacturing equipment, including production saws, CNC plasma tables and pipe cutting machines, bending machines, welding machines and fixtures, monorail cranes, and batch processing Powder coating booth and application equipment.
Perhaps most importantly, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, SpaceGuard Products has been doing its best. Murphy said that nearly 50 employees have not been laid off, and in the past five years, the number of employees has increased by about 7% to 10%.
Murphy said that by adding several colorful murals to the interior of the building, employees know that leaders are investing in growth and new equipment, which makes it a place where people want to work.
"Not to mention that our wages have increased significantly in the past five years," he said. "I bet that our wages have increased by 50% in the past five years, which proves that we are still able to launch high-quality products efficiently and economically. We are competitive in the market, but we are still able to raise wages to keep up with the competition until recently. A fierce labor market."
He and factory manager Scott Jump attributed everyone on the leadership team to the workers on site.
"We have an excellent team, and in everything that happens, everyone has done their part," Jump said. "All employees have done their part and played their role to ensure that we continue to have a safe and clean environment."
Jump said that from emission reduction to Murphy's knowledge, technology and vision, SpaceGuard Products has been able to scale up.
"We are not the largest in the industry, but we are now everyone's main thorn in the eye," Jump said. "In the past five years, we have increased a considerable amount of production through some changes in equipment, expansion and other areas, so it has definitely increased our growth and made us a greater participation in the market than five years ago. A few years ago."
Wednesday is the 30th anniversary of the company's founding. Murphy said that the celebration was originally planned to be held in May, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. It will now be held in September, giving employees, suppliers and customers a chance to celebrate together.
SpaceGuard Products was formed by the merger of Logan Wire Co. and Ford Fence Co. in 1990.
After operating the company for five years, Murphy's father Edward and a business partner bought the company. A few years later, the partner left and Edward became the sole owner until his son bought it in 2008 and became president in 2012.
The business is based on braided wire partition protection products. Since then, several products have been added.
Today, SpaceGuard Products is a manufacturer of braided and welded wire partition and zone protection products, including wire mesh lockers, rack security panels, aisle guards, and mezzanine rail guards.
Its metal mesh partitions are available in standard and custom sizes and are widely used, including machine and robot protection, computer security cages in matching and network facilities, tenant lockers, tool beds, DEA and drug cages, and warehouses or retail Safety.
FordLogan brand diamond-shaped woven mesh partition adopts SpaceGuard Products' unique UNI-MESH design, ensuring that it is the only product on the market that has a true 1.5-inch diamond-shaped opening on the entire panel.
FordLogan is called a wire partition solution, but it is also designed specifically for applications, including window guardrails and railing filler panels, which can be found in almost any type of business you walk into today.
In March 2016, BeastWire Mesh Guarding was born. It replaces five separate product lines and drastically reduces the number of components the company needs to manufacture and store, so it can provide solutions faster and more economically.
"This is a big step forward for our business, so it has become our flagship product line," Murphy said.
As far as robotic cells and automated work cells are concerned, much of the protection is done for manufacturing, and the company also manufactures controlled substance cages. They can be found at the local Lannett Co. Inc. in Seymour and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department in Brownstown.
SpaceGuard products have also made a large number of guards for the military, and the same products are also widely used in barbed wire lockers used in high-rise residential buildings.
"We have entered almost every major market you can think of," Murphy said. "We have done a lot of work in the tallest residential buildings in New York, southern Florida and even Nashville, Tennessee."
During the pandemic, Murphy said that a large part of the business was server cages for cloud-based computing and telecommunications.
"We placed a cage around the server to separate the Facebook server from Nasdaq or anything else," he said. "In the past few months, this business has been very important to us because this business, the e-commerce business, is indeed growing."
With the recent expansion to the back of the building, the automated powder coating line has become an important addition. Murphy said that the company's equipment must be improved.
"Our last powder coating production line was in 1999. The equipment has become better and better over the years, so the quality of our surface treatment is amazing compared to before," he said. "It also provides us with a lot of production capacity, so we also started to engage in external business for powder coatings."
"We have a lot of capacity," Murphy said. "If someone needs us to cut a lot of steel for them, our high-capacity saw can now even do external work."
Murphy said that for the company, the key is to make better quality products and process materials more efficiently.
"This is very important today," he said. "In the Amazon effect, everyone wanted everything yesterday, so it helped us cut delivery times by more than half, and helped us achieve sufficient product inventory and ready availability."
"We will be a contract manufacturer of brand new products that we have not produced yet," he said. "I can't give you specific details now, but we are really excited. For this company, this will be a huge revenue increase."
Murphy said that more important than revenue is that he is excited about the fact that the company has introduced a level of automation that is not available today.
"I am trying to build a company that will succeed and prosper in Jackson County for 30 years," he said.

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