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Insect protection window screen is being woven by pvc coated glass fiber yarn. It has many good properties such as ventilated, adumbrate, ultraviolet radiation proof, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, a metabolic, long use life, delicacy and straight in handle and so on. It is widely used for air exchange and insect proof in architecture, field, garden, vegetable shed, etc.


insect protection window screen Characteristics:

insect protection window screen characteristics: anti-ultraviolet, anti-severe cold, anti-burning hot, anti-dry, anti-moisture. It also has the characteristics of fire-proofing, anti-static electricity, perfectly clear, no field yarn, no deformation, high tensile strength, long life of usage, etc.


Insect protection window screenTechnical Data:


17X15 125+/5 35/1 35/1 70+/5 Plain weaving
18X14 125+/5 35/1 35/1 70+/5 Plain weaving
18X16 135+/5 35/1 35/1 70+/5 Plain weaving


insect protection window screen Specification;

insect protection window screen Weight:110-135g/m2

insect protection window screen width:71CM, 80CM, 100CM, 110CM, 122CMM, 142CMM, 153CM, 162CM, 183CM, 200CM, 220CM, 240CM etc.

insect protection window screen length: 30M, 50M, 100M, etc.

insect protection window screen Mesh size: 18 X 16, 18X14, 17x15




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Window Screen
Window Screen

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