Factory Price China 3/8″ 1′ Aperture Welded Wire Mesh Roll Panel

Sculpture wire mesh is a flexible and easy-to-use material, which is very suitable for quickly creating lightweight and strong sculpture forms. It adds strength to plaster, clay, plasticine, paper plastic and paper sculpture, and serves as a solid core for precise molding and modeling. The grid has a variety of metals (aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel) and a variety of weaving methods to choose from. Meshes with small holes are usually better for fine work; those with larger holes are best for large forms. The wire mesh is selected according to the metal characteristics, flexibility, strength, water resistance and heat resistance. To help you make your choice, we have compiled some of our favorite products below.
Are you looking for wire mesh to create the core of the sculpture? Activ-Wire is made of aluminum with ¼ inch x ⅛ inch holes, which can be easily molded into any desired shape. It is strong and maintains its final shape well. The sheet size is 12 x 24 inches and can be cut with scissors. (Caution: The edges may be sharp, so wear work gloves.) The net will not rust and is an excellent core of clay, plaster, and pulp. It is also oven safe, so it is suitable for polymer clay. Avoid extreme heat. The grid arrives in folded form; if wrinkles may be an issue, you can order this grid on rolls.
At first glance, the grid resembles a window screen due to its very small holes and silver color. However, it is more flexible and malleable, making it ideal for creating molded forms with precise details. This kind of net is made of aluminum, rust-proof, suitable for clay, plaster and plasticine. It can withstand high temperatures up to 800 degrees. Shaping it around a solid shape to create complex molds of objects is an excellent foundation for sculpture. Or use it to sculpt freely. The grid can also be used to reinforce pulp and plaster. It is 22 inches wide and can roll 10 feet.
When it comes to the safety of students, art educators are highly vigilant. This kind of copper mesh is a good choice for classrooms because it is an inert metal, will not rust or stain, and is 100% pure copper. Students can use scissors to cut into the desired size, and then squeeze into shape with their hands. It is soft, light and easy to extend. The more times you use it, the stronger the shape. Novice sculptors will create copper artwork without knowing it! The product uses a 5 inch x 50 foot roll, which is sufficient for excellent group activities.
Chicken wire is not only suitable for chickens: it is also an excellent sculptural material, which can be used to make device structures, plaster and pulp skeletons, etc. Ordinary barbed wire may be unruly, and it is a big bed sheet. BSTOOL's product is easier to manage because of its smaller size (there are three sheets of paper in this bag, each 13.7 inches by 40 inches), and its hexagonal opening is much smaller than ordinary wire mesh. Galvanized iron wire may be difficult to cut, but BSTOOL provides a mini wire cutter to finish the job cleanly. (When using this product, you still need to wear work gloves to prevent cuts.) This mesh cloth can cover the wooden frame well and can be nailed in place.
Sculptors who shape large-scale sculptures rely on such grids for additional support. With its strong and flexible diamond pattern and ½ inch hole, Amaco's products are ideal for making the skeleton of large sculptures. The flexible mesh can be easily formed, curled and twisted to maintain its shape. Due to its relatively large holes, it is not suitable for precise work, but it can be used with other meshes as needed. It can be nailed or otherwise connected to a metal or wooden frame. It is made of aluminum, rust-proof and inert, making it ideal for outdoor sculptures and installations. You can get a 10-foot-long net on a 20-inch wide roll.

Post time: Aug-25-2021