In 2020, the number of developer projects for the Venafi Machine Identity Management Fund doubled

Salt Lake City-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Venafi®, the inventor and leading provider of machine identity management, today announced that the Machine Identity Management Development Fund has added 16 new developer projects in 2020, increasing the size of the fund by one Times. New global technology leaders joining the fund include Akeyless, Anjuna Security, n8n, OpenFaaS, Pulumi, Sidechain Security, Service Rocke, etc.
Kevin Bocek, Vice President of Security Strategy and Threats, said: “The Machine Identity Management Development Foundation is very important to our future in the cloud-native field, and the recognition and recognition of the industry is attracting people from the world. Developers everywhere join the Venafi ecosystem.” Venafi’s intelligence. “Our fund is building a successful global community of future-oriented customers, and many developers are creating considerable new revenue sources for their organizations. In May, Venafi acquired two fund participants Jetstack, which is a particularly innovative The event. And this is just the beginning. In 2021, we are ready to modernize in a new way to develop the Venafi ecosystem and create more success for developers.”
Venafi’s Machine Identity Management Development Fund is a global program that aims to increase the visibility, intelligence, and automation required for effective machine identity management across enterprise networks. Important milestones of the Machine Identity Management Development Foundation include:
Jetstack CEO Matt Barker said: “When Venafi asked us if it was possible to sponsor a certificate manager through the upcoming development fund, I thought it was too good to be achieved. It turned out that it was better than we thought. Join The sponsorship and support we received played an important role in the success of the project, and more importantly, this relationship helped us develop customer and business strategies, which eventually led us to join Venafi and start business in May 2020. For the machine identity Anyone inside or outside the management field (especially in a cloud-native, developer-centric environment) developing products, I strongly recommend that you contact us to find out how it works.”
The Machine Identity Management Development Foundation encourages recipients to establish integrations to provide greater visibility, intelligence, and automation in any technology that creates or uses machine identities, including:
To learn more about the Venafi Machine Identity Management Development Foundation and how to become a funded developer, please visit:
Bruno Couillard, President and CEO of Crypto4A: “From the first moment we were introduced to Venafi, to participating in the Machine Identity Management Development Foundation, to this day, we continue to experience an amazing journey. As part of the development fund, Crypto4A can Focus on the results that the customer cares about the most, so that you can focus on solving problems and adapt yourself to solve them. It’s amazing to be part of the journey of Venafi, it makes the machine identity recognized as an important category that needs attention. Face it. Due to the upcoming challenges of quantum computing, there is also an excellent opportunity to consolidate our security foundation as the industry-we cannot think of a better company than Venafi to help our customers meet these challenges.”
Jeffry Jacob, Difenda Cyber ​​Risk Management Consultant: “Due to the progress and success of the past 18 months, it started as a project and has now become a dedicated business unit. Venafi not only provided us with initial financial support through the development fund, but also Provided technical advice, support and insights into customer expectations to help us build suitable products. With a deep understanding and understanding of the customer base, Venafi has been playing a role in finding opportunities for the Difenda application and boosting sales. Venafi continues We work closely with us in product development, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction, so as to guarantee the long-term potential and sustainability of integrated products.”
Sven Feuchtmüller, managing director of filancore UG: “New ideas for software innovation are generated in the minds of tech entrepreneurs. Venafi helps young start-up companies turn these ideas into reality. Venafi’s development fund and innovators and other experienced individuals Cooperation to support customer needs.”
Gerrit Tamboer, Managing Director of Fullstaq: “Open source software is the foundation on which we build our company. It is not only the default choice when providing solutions to customers, but we also like to contribute regularly to open source projects. We are committed to becoming a member of the development fund. We are grateful for using our knowledge of the open source ecosystem on a wider scale.”
Alex Ellis, founder of OpenFaaS Ltd and CNCF Ambassador, said: “Open source is a distribution model, not a business model, which makes procurement funding and sustainability particularly challenging. For independent projects and companies without external funding That said, this is even a bigger problem. Venafi’s development fund is a practical way to help cloud-native teams build enterprise functions and cover 5,000 companies worldwide.”
Peter John Marquez, General Manager of ServiceRocket Apps: “You can not only open the market and claim that you have an ecosystem. Launching Platform as a Service (PaaS) is not easy. In the past 10 years, ServiceRocket has helped software companies such as Atlassian and Salesforce establish Developed a world-class ecosystem. We know that a successful PaaS ecosystem requires strategic planning and investment. That’s why it’s so happy to work with Venafi and its development fund. The team understands to create a product that allows them, customers and cooperation How important is the environment in which partners flourish.”
Venafi is a leader in the network security market for machine identity management, ensuring the security of machine-to-machine connections and communications. Venafi protects machine identity types by orchestrating encryption keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, SSH, code signing, mobile and IoT. Venafi can provide local, mobile, virtual, cloud, and IoT expansion companies with machine speed and scale to provide global visibility of machine identities and the risks associated with them. Venafi puts this intelligence into practice through automatic repair, thereby reducing the security and availability risks associated with fragile or compromised computer identities, while protecting the flow of information to trusted computers and preventing communication with untrusted computers .
With more than 30 patents, Venafi provides innovative solutions for the world’s most demanding and high-security Global 5000 organizations and government agencies (including the top five medical insurance companies in the United States). The top five airlines in the U.S.; the top four credit card issuers; three of the top four accounting and consulting companies; four of the top five retailers in the U.S.; and the top four banks in each of the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. Venafi has the support of top investors, including TCV, Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, QuestMark Partners, Mercato Partners and NextEquity.
New global technology leaders joining the fund include Akeyless, Anjuna Security, OpenFaaS, Sidechain Security, Service Rocket, etc.

Post time: Mar-26-2021