Kirbyhon Caldwell, pastor of Texas Metropolitan Church, jailed for fraudulent scheme

A pastor of a large church in Texas and a former spiritual adviser to two former US presidents were sentenced to six years in prison for allegedly defrauding investors of millions of dollars. Katie Johnston reports.
Cruz said: “President Biden’s signing of this order shows that he is more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than the work of the citizens of Pittsburgh.”
According to the arrest warrant, Tommy Frederick Allan stated that he took the documents because he was a taxpayer.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a virtual “Davos Agenda” meeting on Wednesday that recent incidents in the United States have highlighted the danger of combining “public dissatisfaction” with “modern technology.” Protested by the arrest of opposition figure Alexey Navalny (Alexey Navalny). Several experts and activists criticized the invitation of the World Economic Forum. Chess champion and Kremlin critic Gary Kasparov tweeted that Putin’s appearance showed that he was “eager to reassure his cronies. Although he was brutally suppressed, it is still acceptable in the West.” CEOs, entrepreneurs and high-level politicians all read the news. What he’s talking about: Putin said that increasing inequality and “systematic socio-economic problems” are “splitting society”, adding: “This pressure is even in countries that seem to have recognized citizens and countries. Show it out. Democratic institutions.” * He said that large technology companies have established monopolies and questioned whether their services are in the “public interest” or are further exacerbating the gap. He said: “We have seen all these things in the United States recently, and everyone understands what I’m talking about very well.” Between the two sentences: This can also be understood as Putin’s selfish argument. Online freedom was drastically cut, and it was only yesterday that Navalny declared that he had a “billion-dollar palace.” At the time, Naverny was forced to respond to a viral YouTube video. The other side: Putin’s style is very different from that of Chinese President Xi Jinping in his speech on Monday. . *Xi Jinping looked glamorous and devoted, divided his speech into four themes, and talked extensively about international cooperation. * Putin started late, in a sluggish state, and delivered a speech on economic statistics with a combative and uninterested attitude. It is worth mentioning that Putin also advocates that countries facing internal differences are seizing “external enemies”, especially “countries that will not agree to obedient, easy-to-control satellites.” * He believes that sanctions such as Tools like these will only increase the risk of future “military power”. In-depth discussion: Biden’s challenge in Russia supports safe, smart, and sensible journalism. Sign up for Axios newsletter here.
On the second day of the deadly riots in Washington, a school district in Pennsylvania announced that it would suspend a teacher. The school district stated that the teacher “participated in the electoral college protests in the U.S. Capitol.” Three weeks later, Jie Jason Moorehead stated that during the siege, the Allentown School District falsely accused him of being in the Houses of Parliament and was working to restore his reputation and resume teaching. The region said that Moorehead’s social media posts about the events of January 6, not just his arrival in Washington that day, were the focus of its investigation.
The new first lady says she will remain active and enduring in the White House-in stark contrast to her predecessor
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The Chinese Ambassador to the United States said in a speech on an online forum that treating China as a “strategic opponent” of the United States is a misjudgment and may lead to errors. Since the Trump administration defined China as a strategic competitor in 2018, Washington and Beijing have often clashed over issues such as trade and Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus. The new President Joe Biden is expected to put pressure on China. Since Biden took office, in the first important speech by Chinese officials on the relationship between the world’s two largest economies, Ambassador Cui Tiankai reiterated China’s long-standing position of seeking peaceful coexistence with the United States and warned China not to cross China’s red line. .
In his speech on Tuesday, President Biden said that his government will increase the dose of COVID-19 vaccine in states from 8.6 million to 10 million per week. He also said that states and regions will receive a three-week forecast of vaccine supply.
The leader of the Pride Boys extremist group was exposed as a “prolific” former FBI informant. Court documents show that Enrique Tarrio, 36, worked secretly to expose human trafficking gangs and assist in drug and gambling cases. Tarrio recorded his participation in law enforcement from 2012 to 2014. There is no evidence of his cooperation since then. However, this news raised further questions as to why the police did not take further measures to ensure the safety of the U.S. Capitol before the January 6 riots. At least six members of the “Proud Boy” were arrested for participating in the riots. Tario denied being a whistleblower and told Reuters: “I don’t know anything about it. I don’t remember any of them.”
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President Obama’s former speechwriter said he was “disheartened” by President Biden’s efforts to seek unity with Republicans. Have to answer questions such as “Why is unity not achieved?” When the entire party has taken action to stop this situation. “CEOs, entrepreneurs and high-level politicians read the news and become smarter and faster. Sign up for the Axios newsletter here. Keenan spent 14 years writing for Obama, including eight years with Biden. He admitted to himself His experience distressed him, especially after Senator Mitch McConnell promised to make his former boss a president. Keenan said: “Before the Republican Party stepped forward and told his voters, the truth What is going on will be elusive. “President Biden cannot deliver alone. he can not. Keenan helped Obama write the first volume of his memoirs, “The Promised Land.” He stopped working with the former president on New Year’s Eve and took a full-time job at Fenway Strategies. The company was run by another former Obama. The speechwriter Jon Favreau and Presidential Assistant Tommy Vietor run.* “After the book and the election, this seems to be a natural place, and [Obama] does not Will do a lot of things, especially in the case of Biden,” Keenan said. Keenan is still writing a book called “Grace (Grace), from 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina, a history It took about 10 days for the old black church to shoot at Obama’s mourning for Pastor Clementa Pinckney. *Obama ends with “Amazing Grace”. *The title also pays tribute to Keenan’s newborn daughter Grace. Support safe, smart, and sensible journalism. Sign up for Axios newsletter here.
American diplomats told Politico that under the leadership of the Biden administration, the State Department’s career officials “do not expect major improvements.” So far, those who have persisted for four years under the Trump administration feel that as high-level positions are filled, they have been left out in favor of political appointments. On the one hand, Politburo reported that the fact that no professional official was appointed in the first wave of high-level appointments that required the Senate’s confirmation was regarded as “insignificant for a diligent ordinary official”, especially when They felt that they were not treated well in the previous government. The diplomat told Politico: “The diplomatic mission has been hit hard.” “Why don’t you explain your ideas? I am prepared for the disappointment and lack of preparation of this team.” But the criticism may not be all. Personally. Brett Bruen, an adviser who served on the Obama National Security Council, suggested that handing over the remnants of Trump’s tenure to others may hinder policy decisions. He told Politico: “For the past four years, no one there has been aware of the changes in the world and will not participate in meetings when major decisions are made.” Secretary of State spokesman Antony Blinken tried to ease With this concern, he told Politico “Professional experts will always be the center of our diplomacy.” Read more in Politico. Mitch McConnell is the financial supervisor of GOATGameStop. Who is the Cinderella in GameStop’s fairy tale?
The warning came as Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, issued a warning that some of his colleagues were organizing efforts to expel Rep. Liz Cheney.
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A doctor with terminal cancer killed a female doctor after taking hostages at a children’s clinic in Austin, Texas, and then committed suicide. Dr. Bharat Narumanchi (Bharat Narumanchi) besieged for five hours, killed the hostages, and then killed Dr. Katherine Lindley Dodson (Katherine Lindley Dodson). Narumanchi had already applied for a volunteer position at the clinic a week ago but was rejected. Later he returned with a pistol, a bullet gun and two duffel bags. Police spokesman Jeff Greenwalt said Narumanchi was recently given “weeks of life” after the cancer diagnosis. He said: “As far as who did this case, the case has been closed. We know who did it. And we know that the public is no longer threatened. But we really want to answer the question why.” Present 43 The year-old Dr. Lindley Dodson is deeply loved by patients and their families. Karen Vladeck’s two children are her patients. She told the Austin American politician: “When your child is sick, you see her at the worst. There is always a smile on the face.” During the siege, a SWAT team used a megaphone to communicate with armed doctors. A hostage negotiator shouted: “Your life is important to me. I know life is important to you.” You shouldn’t experience this. Everything done for others. That is why I want to help you accomplish this. You saved many lives. The police first dispatched a robot, then the officer entered the medical room and found two bodies there. They did not comment on how the two doctors died. A police spokesperson said: “The situation with the special police is over. Two people have been found and declared dead. ”
President Biden’s plan to replace the government’s 650,000 cars and trucks with electric vehicles assembled in the United States by union workers is easier said than done. Importance: The populist “buy American” message sounds good, but the car Biden wants is still within a few years, and his purchase criteria will require drastic changes to the car manufacturer’s manufacturing strategy, and more Needless to say, the long-term fortunes of labor organizations have been reversed by Tesla and other non-union companies. Support safe, wise, and sensible news. Please sign up for the Axios newsletter here. Fact check: Currently, there is no model that meets the president’s standard: battery powered by union workers in the United States. *According to federal data, Tesla produces the vast majority of electric vehicles in the United States, and all its models contain at least 55% of American-made components. But Tesla does not have a union, and CEO Elon Musk violated federal labor laws. *General Motors’ Chevrolet Bolt is the only electric car manufactured in the United States produced by a union. But it is mainly made of parts imported from Korea. Only 24% of content is considered domestic content. *Another popular EV, Nissan Leaf, is produced in Tennessee. But the factory is non-union, and only 35% of the parts are domestically produced. “Made in the United States” itself is confusing because the current rules governing “domestic” content include parts made in the United States and Canada. *According to the “U.S. Automobile Labeling Act” passed in 1992, every car needs to be labeled, which indicates where the car is assembled, the percentage of equipment combined in the United States and Canada, and the country where the engine and transmission are manufactured. *The newly adopted US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement adds another layer of rules regarding the source of parts. Biden hopes to change the entire system for determining whether a federal vehicle is “American.” *Biden told reporters on Monday that today, the government requires that at least 50% of federal vehicle parts be manufactured in the United States, but the loophole allows the most valuable parts such as engines or steel to be manufactured elsewhere. *He wants a higher threshold and stricter regulations to directly benefit American workers. Wise: All this is feasible, but definitely not in Biden’s four-year term. IHS Markit forecast analyst Joe Langley said: “This hasn’t increased.” “Products are still a few years away.” Langley said that replacing 650,000 federal cars with electric vehicles will require the United States to It takes time to increase investment in the entire supply chain, including electric motors, batteries, and vehicles. *The union leaders are happy that Biden is focused on the future of the industry. A spokesperson for the United Auto Workers Federation told Axios: “He believes that new technology is a way to develop our industry and economy.” Some of these investments are already underway. For example, General Motors is overhauling several factories in Tennessee and Michigan to produce electric cars. Ford will produce the upcoming e-Transit truck in Missouri. *But GM, Ford and Stalantis (the newly merged Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot) recently pledged to produce more electric vehicles at union plants in Canada. *Ford is increasing production of its highly anticipated Mexican Mustang Mach-E. Note: Biden’s plan may have some unexpected winners. * Well-funded electric vehicle startups such as Lordstown Motors, Rivian, and Workhorse are developing plug-in commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks, which are often needed by government fleets. Langley said: “This may make many start-ups surging. Smart people: Free registration to become America’s most influential newsletter.
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A man in Portland, Oregon was charged with prejudice after he was allegedly kicked and racially attacked an Asian woman last week. The incident occurred on a TriMet bus in the southeast 52nd Avenue and Foster Road area at 5:45 pm on January 22, making the victim “somewhat difficult to walk”. Allegedly, Eschwright also used racial insults during the encounter. Coronavirus regarding the race and color of the victim.
The impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump accused of inciting the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has sparked speculation online that he might lose some of the benefits to the former president. But according to legal experts, according to the current law, even if Trump is convicted in the Senate impeachment trial, Trump will still retain allowances including pensions, office space and security details. Trump can thank a relatively vague law, the “Former President’s Act.”
A spokesperson for the House of Representatives said: “The relevant members have been informed of the request many times and refused to take the test.”
Now, he has set his sights on another business led by a deeply entrenched established company: telecommunications.
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State Department officials told Axios that the Biden administration has approved two large arms deals with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the last few weeks of the Trump administration, which are important: F-35 aircraft sales and attacks to the UAE The supply of drones and large amounts of ammunition in Saudi Arabia will be suspended pending review. This marks a major policy change since the Trump era and may herald sharp tensions between the two Gulf countries. Be wise: Sign up for the most influential newsletter in America for free. News: A senior US official stated that although both transactions are under review, the ammunition transaction with Saudi Arabia has been “suspended” and the F-35 transaction with the UAE is “under review.” , The state expects the new government to review existing policies. Otaba said: “We will work closely with the Biden government to resolve peace and stability in the Middle East in a comprehensive manner.” *He added that F-35 fighter jets enable the UAE to maintain a strong deterrent against aggression and help. To appease regional partners. The ambassador said: “This also enables the UAE to take on more regional collective security responsibilities and release American assets to other global challenges. This is the long-term priority of the two parties in the United States.” Big picture: F-35 agreement reached in the UAE In the context of the normalization agreement facilitated by the United States reached with Israel. *Israel is the only country in the region that has an F-35, but after a lengthy discussion with the Trump administration, it gave up its opposition to the F-35. * Secretary of State Tony Blinken stated at the confirmation hearing that the Biden administration supports Israel’s recent normalization agreements but will review some of the Trump administration’s commitments to implement these agreements. * Brinken also promised to end US support for the Yemen war. The Biden administration is worried that the ammunition used in the transaction will be used there. Editor’s note: This article has been updated with al-Otaiba’s comments and U.S. officials’ comments about arms deals being reviewed. The title has been updated to reflect this. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high-level politicians become smarter and faster when they read the news. Sign up for Axios newsletter here.
A video featuring Heather Mewshaw’s title is “Biden is literally and legally not elected president

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