Planning application has been submitted to Central Sussex County Council

For more information on the planning application below, please visit the Central Sussex County Council website.
DM/21/0158: 59 Hammerwood Road. Retrospective application, the design and size of windows and front doors can be changed according to the previous planning permission.
DM/21/0061: Tanglewood, Rocky Lane. The retrospective application for the changes to the dwellings under construction was initially approved for planning with reference number DM/16/4096.
DM / 21/0070: “The Frog and Effit”, Stairs Bridge Lane. It is recommended to separate the annex from the main building to create a new independent house. It includes a 5-foot-long fence that is connected to the fence to divide the land and create a new gated entrance in front of the hotel.
DM/21/0095: No. 25-27 Chezhan Road. Extend the second and first floor to the rear of the existing building to form a 2no. After demolishing the existing rear roof structure, two more bedroom residential units were added.
DM/21/0113: 7 Petworth Avenue. Demolition of the greenhouse and independent garage. The structure expands to form the auxiliary residence of the main residence.
DM/21/0166: 115 London Road. BH/Suggested loft conversion, convert the roof lights to front and rear elevation.
DM/21/0175: 4 Grass Lane. Dismantle the existing streamlined greenhouse and build a new single-story extension. An enlarged highway crosses the front of the hotel to allow additional parking spaces.
DM/21/0034: Ruthven Lodge on London Road. Retrospective application-convert an existing garage into a garden room/home office.
DM/21/0116: Bryher, 4 Chatfield Road. The proposed single-storey rear extension can provide a larger living/dining area, while the single-storey extension can be provided to the front porch to add toilets.
DM / 20/3573: Greenacres, Imberhorne Lane. Attic conversion (including front skylight and rear skylight) can create the first floor. Two-story side walls, interior decoration. Received a revised plan for 15.01.2021, which shows the revised design of the rear skylight and the balcony repositioned on the west facade
DM / 20/4722: East Grinstead Post Office, 101 London Road. Replace the existing store front panel sign. The size of the existing signs remains unchanged.
DM/21/0069: The Grange, Furze Lane. Build an independent 4-bedroom cottage on the land near the farm. Create a new access point on Furze Lane.
DM/21/0109: Tennyson Rise 24. Demolition of the existing garage. Two-layer side expansion and single-layer side expansion are recommended.
DM/21/0117: 13 Austin closed. The two-storey front expansion will convert the whole garage into a habitable residence.
DM/21/0125: The land is adjacent to Oasted House on Lewes Road. Start of construction work, indicating a “meaningful beginning” for construction related to the application of DM/17/4545 and DM/20/3503. Install surface water drain pipes and drain pipes in accordance with the approved plan.
DM/21/0136: 6 Hollands Way. Demolish the existing greenhouse and install a single-story extension at the rear of the house
DM/21/0189: 4 Manor Road. The proposed single-storey front extension and garage reconstruction and relocation of the relocation curb.
DM/20/3810: 40 Hearst Road. (Revised plan and instructions 14/01/2020) Demolition of the existing independent garage/warehouse. Two-layer and single-layer side expansion. Expand after single layer.
DM/21/0160: The porch and two skylights proposed by 20 Ockenden Way are located on the front ground and underground respectively, and the skylights extend to the rear. Resubmit the plan application DM/20/3353 to replace brick porches with oak frame porches.
DM/21/0162: 21 Hurst Road. Carry out the internal reconstruction of the two-story rear extension rack on the existing single-story rear extension rack.
DM/20/2998: No. 25 Boltro Road. Demolition of the existing 4-story mixed-use part, commercial residential buildings, and construction of a new 5-story all-residential building, which contains 7 new apartments, namely 6 1-bedroom apartments and 1 2-bedroom apartment. The revised plan was received on October 28, 2020, which shows the revision of the internal layout, including the conversion of a 2-bed apartment to a 1-bed apartment. The proposed external changes include changing the front of the ground, extending it to the rear horizontally on the ground and first floor, and adding windows to lower ground units. The revised plan received 18.01.2021, which included additional windows for rear and internal changes, including reconfiguration and expansion of the lower ground floor and front ground floor apartments to form a 2-bed duplex with 6 floors. Apartment.
DM/20/4571: Land adjacent to 15 Syresham Gardens. The pre-occupancy conditions 8, 10, and the pre-occupancy elements of condition 9 of the planning permission DM/18/0663 have been cancelled, thereby eliminating the need to construct lanes in accordance with the approved plan.
DM/21/0114: Portland closed 6. Convert the attic space involving skylights to the rear, and convert the two skylights to the front slope.
DM/21/0187: Chester Building, Harlan Road Road. Prior approval for change from office (B1) to 76 apartments (C3)
DM/21/0198: 25 Oathall Road. The overhanging branches of T1-T3 cypress trees-the crown is 5 meters high. T4 Hawthorne-overhanging tree branches-cut from the garage roof. T5 Holly, T6 Cypress, T7 Cryptomeria Japonica, T8 x2 Cypress, T9 Cypress-for the purpose of garden redesign.
DM/21/0203: 2 Culross Avenue. The leylandii line is hedged at the southeast corner of Culross Avenue. It is planned to remove and replace the new laurel hedge.
DM/21/0153: Roof, Halton Shaws, Hurstpierpoint. Maple T1 and T2- reduce cortical growth to the previous cut point, which will reduce 2-3 meters
DM/21/0185: Hurstpierpoint Hassocks Road, Fieldside. Ash tree-fallen down. Fig Tree-The crown is lifted to remove the lower branches and reduce the crown by 20%.
DM/21/0092: Linfield College, School Lane. Level the underutilized play area, rearrange the pergola and cover the all-weather play surface to provide outdoor teaching and play areas.
DM/21/0161: Appledore Cottage on Lewes Road. The new lane and vehicles cross into Lewes Road. Modify the walls and beautify the environment.
DM/21/0243: 71 High Street. Grey (T1)-Crown is reduced by 3m. Yew (T2)-The canopy overhanging the side of the building is reduced by 3m.
DM / 21/0053: Nether Walstead Cottage, East Mascalls Lane, Lindfield. Delete the existing conservatory and replace it with a single story extension.
DM/21/0080: 1 Croston Lane, Lindfield. Refer to the condition 2 changes related to DM/18/5015 to replace the engineering drawing P101A with P101B to meet the requirements of the building inspector for bedroom 5 escape windows.
DM / 21/0054: Handcross 1-3 Caffyns Row, Gaojiao Street. It is recommended to lower the curb and white line in front of the bi-fold door to allow classic cars to move in and out of the exhibition hall
DM / 21/0014: Turners Mountain Road, Turners Mountain Cemetery. The proposed church building includes the basement, internal construction site access and related natural landscape. (Update of the plan consent form DM/18/0677).
DM/21/0148: Wyndham Farmhouse on Wineham Lane in Wineham. Replace the existing garden cabin with a new garden cabin to be used as a home office.
DM / 21/0151: Wyndham Farmhouse on Wineham Lane in Wineham. Replace the existing garden cabin with a new garden cabin to be used as a home office.
DM/20/4659: Landed southeast of Tiltwood East, Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down. Applicable to 3 new independent houses with garages and related facilities.
DM / 21/0028: Rowan (Rowan), Turners Hill Road (Turners Hill Road), Crawley Down (Crawley Down). Change the use of existing residences and outbuildings to create a C2 nursing facility with staff accommodation and related landscaping and parking facilities.
DM / 21/0112: 15 Buckley Place, Crawley Down. Demolition of the existing greenhouse, it is proposed to expand and transform the existing garage after a single storey.
DM/21/0183: Mount Cottages 1 on Crawley Down Road in Philbridge. Suggested single-story rear extension and rear skylight.

Post time: Jan-28-2021